I can’t cope with my newborn baby!

coping with a newborn baby

Sofia gave birth 3 weeks ago.Her mums lives a few miles away and has always said she would be there is she ever needed her.The trouble is Sofia saw how she was with her elder sister’s baby and vowed it would do her head in if mum ever tried to interfere with her own newborn baby’s upbringing.

Her husband john had 2 weeks off to help at home and now Sofia is left home holding the baby.Baby won’t settle ! she told us.I cant even take a bath and she wants me to carry her around with me. she has an ounce of milk then nods off to sleep waking up an hour later screaming.I don’tknow if im coming or going what shall I do.

The thing is she can’t keep waking her husband up to help her as he needs to sleep until the afternoon.Her mum has a part time job so Sofia has to learn the new responcibilities that comes when you are alone and have to take care of a family.

We say family because there is a lot more at stake than giving a baby a bottle and changing a nappy or diaper.You have to look after yourself and the home environment. The first few weeks takes a little getting used to regular feeds,sleeping, resting,playing during awake times.  What are your baby’s needs so you put a routine on place.

It  will enable you to get rest in between feeds etc.Watch and record baby feeding and try to see how she reacts when hungry dont just jump in and think bottle!

Learn how she crys what else could it be? could she need changing, a cuddle.

A soothing bath before bedtime, bottle and then down for a sleep if she only takes and ounce try to make sure she is hungry spacing out her feeds as you get used to her different crying patterns.

Once baby is settled into a routine learn a routine that enables you to do the essential tasks around the home such as washing,cooking,cleaning and the rest will follow. more baby articles can be found on our main website the superstore dedicated just for premature baby clothes  sizings at


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