Home yippee rasing premature baby multiple babies


Home yippee raising premature baby multiple babies.

What next After the initial shock of having a scan in pregnancy revealing more than triplet babies. The chances are they may spend some time in the Nicu at birth as often multiple babies can be born premature.

Sometimes babies may not be allowed home on the same day depending what needs they have in the Special care unit.

How can you prepare your family for the homecoming and raising the premature babies.Here are our top 5 tips to get you started with the planning. Just incase your babies arrive earlier than expected and are born premature.

Many hands make light work accept the help from family members until you are fit and well.Don’t try to be super mum or dad wanting to do it all. Especially for mum if you have a C section. Your wound may be healing on the outside but the inside of your body takes much longer to heal.The last thing you need is to be rushed back in hospital trying to lift and carry too much due to a hemorrhage.

Schedule write every thing down and get into a routine as soon as you can.Don’t think your babies have to have a cot each to start with they were close nit in the womb and will like each others company by sleeping together sharing a cot 2 at a time.

Wanting to move into a bigger house away from the family at least leave it until the babies are a year old and become more easier to manage.

Individuality,because parents with multiple babies are always busy, make an effort from the start to spend at least 10 Min’s with each child in a separate room giving them individual attention.As they grow older they will benefit from time alone with you. As the babies start to walk they will squabble a lot if you try to read one a story if they see you and will do anything to try to climb on your knee all at once. At this age with toddlers a lot of frustration starts with biting, screaming and pulling at each other,trying your patience.From a child’s point of view its ” my daddy, my mummy” and will not want to share you.

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