What happens at a tiny baby’s funeral? Answer

What happens at a baby’s funeral? Answer

Please note this blog post has sensitive news on baby loss if this may offend please press your back button now.

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 This week we shall  answer the most frequently worrying questions searched for on our blog site.  Not many people want to talk about such a taboo subject as baby loss. We are here to offer support and empathy at such a difficult time for a family.

Planning a funeral for a baby

for babies under 24 weeks gestation (into pregnancy then loss) you do not need to have a funeral serviceYou dont get a death cirtifcate for babies under 24 weeks. For babies 24 weeks and above a baby must be buried or cremated by law.

A member of the family needs to take charge of being in charge it can be dad aunty or grandparent or a close friend due to the shock and emotional distress that occurs to the immediate family.Wheever takes charge needs to make sure the parenst have full support on any decisons made.If they do not feel baby can be buried just yet then thats fine. What you need to concider is embalming which is done through a vein. tiny babies can be seen soon after passing away but as a little baby is very fragile.then cuddles and hugs should be done soon after birth,baby will need to be kept cool so the funeral directors can keep baby safely once family have had a chance to say a final goodnight.If there needs to be  an autopsy baby can be taken to the funeral directors which the hospital can arrange for you.Once the funerla directors get a death certificate after 24 weeks gestation the funeral can get the go ahead.

A funeral can be anything the parents desire such as a service at home then to church for burial or cremation.A quiet event with a prayer poem or a few songs.further down this page are  asome appropriate baby funeral ideas.

Cheeky Chums recommend this time to be used as a celebration of life that baby had if only for a short while here on earth.It will help the parents come to terms that baby was here for a purpose to show love that bonds  a family together in moments of sadness.

  • small family gathering meet at the parents house decorated with colourful balloons.Baby in casket covered in a cool room so family can say goodbye.funeral cars take baby to graveside for quite poems,burial then back to  family home for a birthday party celebration.
  • funeral cars meet outside family home everyone travels to crematorium preacher says a few words and lullaby songs are played before committal.urn is scattered at a memorial garden for babies at churchyard.
  • Small service at funeral home, baby buried at family plot in graveyard.family meet at community centre for a family meal children’s songs played.
  • family meet at home, cars proceed to church, favourite children’s hymns chosen,baby buried in new grave plot. A couple of helium balloons released with messages tied to string from family members or children sent up to heaven for baby.Family meet back at home for cake and coffee.

http://www.tcf.org.uk/lepreparing.html – Compassionate Friends leaflet on preparing for the funeral of a child. http://www.ifishoulddie.co.uk/planning.htm – general information about planning a funeral service.

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