Help my premature baby has NEC what is NEC premature babies ?

poorly newbornHelp my premature baby has NEC ! what is NEC premature babies ?

Although quite rare NEC in premature babies effects the bowel and with infections it makes the premature baby feel very poorly indeed. Narcotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) is a gastro-intestial disease affecting premature babies as they are looked after in the intensive care unit . It starts within 2 weeks of birth as baby starts to drink milk.

What causes NEC in premature the infant

The cause is still unknown but research on NEC in premature babies continues. recent study supports the need for increased human milk use in the NICU and provides the first compelling data that use of a human milk based fortifier can reduce NEC in the premature baby.

How do You know if a premature baby has NEC

NEC is difficult to diagnose.A premature infant baby may have lethargy, struggling with feeding ,vomiting, distended abdomen and blood in the poo. Physical examination may show the premature baby to have tenderness in the tummy area.

How is a premature baby cared for with NEC ?

stopping feeds for the time being, nasogastric drainage to suction (tube in baby’s stomach to drain off the contents), premature babies are given antibiotics and IV nutritients. Close monitoring of fluid status, electrolytes, coagulation and oxygen given. 60-80% of premature babies with NEC are managed medically and symptoms resolve without surgery. Feeds start again in due time slowly.Surgery may be necessary if medical assistance fails or the baby’s bowel is perforated.Part of the bowel would be removed and the remaining bowel left.The nutritional outcome is roughly based on the remaining intestinal length and if it continues to work.

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