Help me! I’m a mum me and my baby are in Danger!

domestic violence domestic abuse
domestic violence domestic abuse

Help me! I’m a mum me and my baby are in Danger!

Ask yourself do think this is happening to you or if you notice changes and think a friend is suffering.

bully tactics…

  • partner intimidates you
  • shouts at you
  • smashes household objects
  • makes you feel small useless
  • calls you names,you are ugly, you are too fat, too skinny or stupid.

uses the baby or children against you..

  • says you are a bad mother to my kids
  • wants you to have his kids but doesn’t want to look after them too
  • threatens to take the kids off you

Stay in or else!

  • does your partner want you to be home when he gets homete
  • tells you what to wear
  • stops you seeing family or friends


  • your partner blames it on someone else if he hit you and left a bruise
  • .or says its stress that made me do it
  • or saying it was only a slight slap dont be over dramatic

persuaded again

  • a partner who says he’ll change after you’ve left only for it to happen again
  • have left or reported him to sneak his way back into the relationship, eg threatens to hurt or kill you or your children,
  • cries, says he loves you, threatens to kill himself, threatens to report you to Social Services, DSS, etc

recognize the abuse  make the decision to leave, there are still many hurdles to overcome.

How do you actually leave – safely? Do you tell him you are leaving, and if so, how?

How do you get through those initial few weeks or months? Where can you go?

What legal routes can you pursue to protect yourself from further harassment or violence?

What support organizations exist and what can they offer? Do you need to acquire a divorce? Are there any support organizations which can provide help or counseling for the children? How do you help the children come to terms with the changes?

lick on any link below to get help fast when you need it you no longer have to be afraid

domestic abuse     surviving when you first leave

domestic abuse victim support

domestic violence helpline   domestic violence site




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