hands on lamber delivers own premature baby

Have you ever delivered a friend’s baby in an emergency? Although in reality only doctors and midwives are the only ones allowed to by law, sometimes babies come with practically no warning at all, leaving you with no choice.
We would love to know your unusual midwive stories.
If you ended up with the milkman delivering your baby on the doorstep, or the postman comment on this blog post below. This unusual birthing story tells of a farmworker’s only experience was delivering newborn lambs.
.John Bricknell a farm worker delivered his partner’s baby.Born Premature at 30 weeks gestation – thanks to his experience of delivering baby lambs.

John Bricknell, 24, sprang into action after Amy Ashton’s waters broke at their home in Morton, near Bourne, Lincs.

John’s partner Amy, 21, gave birth to beautiful yet tiny baby boy weighing 3lb 10oz Logun Bricknell in just 90 seconds before John wrapped him in a towel.
Amy was very grateful that her partner was ther to aid just in time when she needed him most. After spending time in hospital premature baby logun is now growing fast and at home wiith his parents.
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