Growing Baby developing normally 6-12m Physical skills

Growing Baby developing normally 6-12m encouraging play the Physical skills.

Physical skills for a baby aged between 6-12m include large motor and small motor skills development.You can’t just put baby in a pram or playpen all day whilst you have time to your self. These first 3 years are the most important learning time for a child In order to aquire skills for the brain to function correctly for life.

You are responsible as the adult to meet your childs needs and one of the areas providingĀ  play activities.Its through play a child learns.At 6 months onwards you baby will learn to sit upĀ so placing cushions around is a good way to promote strong back muscles need for sitting posture.There are good activity rings on the market that have play activites around the sides yet supportingĀ  the back so baby gets to expore textures with fingers known as small motor skills development.

Baby will pass toys from one hand to another as he or she learns to grasp hold,feel explore. He or She will put toys to the mouth to feel what its like on the tongue. Safe durable non toxic toys age appropriate should be given for this age of 6-12m.Learning to move by placing baby on a toy mat will encourage baby to reach, to learn to roll over, to crawl. as once sitting up will then become more mobile over a length of time. Babies do not always crawl to get around the room they will shuffle on theirĀ bottom or use other means to get a particular toy this is where its important to look at the room to become more baby safe awareness use plug socket covers as they will poke and point so be more aware of danger.

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