Giving birth to a stillborn premature baby

Sadly on a rare occasion a pregnancy does not have a live baby outcome .This is known as a stillborn baby or stillborn birth.

This blog posts contains some sad and sensitive news, if it is likey to offend please press your back button now.

For some mums a routine scan can be the only confirmation that baby has passed away in the womb.The heart beat cannot be detected, no sign of baby movements.Unfortunately the baby still has to be born and a stillborn baby  will have to be delivered through the vagina. If you have discovered baby has passed away in the womb and you are due to be booked in for an induction use this time ask the midwife what you can do so baby isnt removed from you after birth.

You could make a plan with them so you may be able to give baby a little wash and dress him or her in fresh new clothes.Its important to try to hold your premature baby even if only or a split second for a final cuddle,or have immediate close family present too. The shock and numbness may start to sink in knowing you have to go through with a delivery without a live baby.It will help you come to terms that baby has really gone as you see your baby in front of you.

Joining a support group such as  SANDS will help you realise you are not the only woman on this planet that has gone through this offering you comfort and  a shoulder to cry on should you need to.