Give Birth Baby,Dad in Delivery suite a spare part!

Well dad to be you certainly will feel left out a little when the new baby arrives, you can be sitting visiting your wife in hospital after she has just given birth, then all her other visitors come in a Kiss for mum, A cuddle with baby, Flowers for mum, Balloons for baby. what about you dad well maybe a quick kiss on the cheek.

What about before mum has given birth, in the delivery suite? Do you think you will be left out here ? Well you can be, as all the focus will be centered on your wife why?

 Its because its hard work for her and the midwives need to keep focused so she will listen to their instructions and so your baby is safely delivered.

You can take an active part here as she gives birth in the delivery suite but all you do may never seem enough and heres why?

Beginning of labour your wife may have a quick chat with you fetch me this,¬†Carry me, Get me some ice,A drink , Some snacks, Nip to the shop, its boring stuff but you will be helping her loads as the worry especially as a first time mum can be very stressful leading up to the birth.It will help her take her mind off things until full esatblished labour kicks in. Then a womans body ,makes changes as baby makes its way down the birth canal. Your wife ,may not know what she is saying from one minute to the next she may Shout at you, Blame you, Scream at you but she doesnt mean it. Its a mum to be’s way of trying to cope with the instence pains that she is experiencing.You may want to wet her head and she says stop it, you may fan her face which may help so you have to switch roles each time to see which gives her the most comfort at that specific time.

She may be fortunate and not have too bad of a labour, she may get tired and have no strength so its very important to take a step back so the  midwives can help take control of the situation and do what ever they as of you to keep you still involved.

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