Get real,think, concider the real reason for having a baby

th_PREG5Get real, consider the real reason for having a baby.

Today we are going to look at having a baby outside the norm.In a marriage or long term partnership a happy couple will have a baby to cement their love, and pass on the biological genes down the family line.

Here’s is a look and a question to consider for having a baby in other circumstances.

  • My partner hits me a lot kicks me in the stomach,I’m planning a baby because it will change him and make him become a better person.(think again would you really want a baby in an unhappy relationship which in turn could end up with the baby being hurt too)
  • I’m fed up living with my parents i’m 16 and my boyfriend is 19 we want a baby so we can get a house together and go on the shorter waiting list.(you may not have even thought about the extra responsibilities that comes with having a family paying bills as a couple,putting the baby first above all else so it relys on you for all its needs).
  • My partner keeps flirting with other men,and going off having affairs. If i tell her we are having a baby then it will keep her from straying as she’ll stay at home with the baby.(when someone feels they need other partners to keep them satisfied then a baby will not change the way things are between you both it it isn’t fair on a child to be brought into this world just to keep you two together)
  • i love my fiance so much a baby is the right thing to do i don’t have much money and ill get things given me for the baby and maybe he’ll marry me when the baby comes along.(will you have a home,enough funds to buy the basics,you cannot rely on other people to buy all you need a baby is for life and along with it comes the finances of living together and a child with with you at least until the age or 18).

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