friends babies died at 26 week sympathy cards uk where?


friends babies died at 26 week sympathy cards where can I get a multiple baby loss card here in the UK?

saying sorry for your loss seems one of the hardest things you will have to do especially for babies and how much more so with a twin or multiple birth pregnancy. At Something Precious TM they stock multiple cards for nearly every eventuality for baby loss, you can find twin girls cards, twin boys cards, multiple birth card mix sex cards, baby miscarriage cards, unisex baby loss cards for babies that were too small to determine if it was a boy or a girl yet.

all the baby sympathy cards are unique, hand made in small batches not mass produced. you can find sympathy cards for a grandson or a granddaughter too.

two websites different choices on each site for you to take your pick from, plus an ideas page to add an extra message, ideal  if you are unsure what sympathy wording to write inside.


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