french flight strike trauma for babies n kids

Back in the uk from the canary islands last night. What a nightmare during the french air strikes.Plus Easy Jet have a lot to answer for amid the chaos. returning home on the 4 hour flight back from Fuerteventura.Poor babies and kids close to tears I’ll let the world know how the babies and children were treated during the hot stuffy climate whilst stuck on the runway and returning back to Liverpool airport.

  • In long queses from 4.30pm at the airport to fly using Easy jet all Passengers babies and children boarded the Easy jet airplane in Fuerteventura at 6.45pm on 22nd sept 2010.
  • Captain notified everyone of the air stikes in france and to expect delay of 1 hr 15 mins as everyone sat with bored children in the hot humid air of up to 94c.Cool air pumped around plaine seemed to cool the hot air down a little.200 hot passenger bodies onboard in cramped sitting possitions then allowed to use the toilets as we waited on the runway.
  • 8.30 no drinks or food given.
  • 2hrs later still no news if the airliner was to leave.
  • Everyone was given half a glass of water on board the easy jet aircraft.
  • message still no news not looking good then a problem arrises in the tower more news at 10pm as captain gets it from air traffic control.Finally get the go ahead to leave at 12pm airpliner leaves 12.30 midinght drinks served during these last few hours up to leaving.
  • 3¬†hrs later it takes 2 hrs to serve only 7 rows of passengers with hot toasted snacks and sandwhiches most children sitting in middles rows not eaten anything by this time only chrisps and chocolates handouts from other¬†passengers.Children start to drop off to sleep most have gone before stewardesses get to serve them only at this time horror strikes on the passengers faces especially those with the babies and younger children under 9, no water left! no sandwhiches!, only chocolate¬† snacks for the middle rows.only 20 sandwhiches were available for a total of 200 passengers yes staff may not use 200 sandwhiches but during the long wait emergency supplies should have been topped up at the airport,even if for the children’s use ¬†only!

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