freezing temperatures to hit UK is your prem baby safe

freezing temperatures to hit UK is your prem baby safe?

When baby is allowed home especially in the freezing temperatures it can be very tempting to over cloth them or wrap them up so tighly to stop them getting cold.BUT did you know that overheating in babies even vunerable premature babies is dangerous! read the notes here 

so what type of warm clothes are available to dress a baby in if you have to nip out to the clinic.

If driving around in the car with a premature baby in the car seat there are short coats you can use in stead of just a thick all in one snowsuit.A short jacket along with a acrylic wool baby hat and blanket folded over this is ample along with warm mittens too.  you will find it hard to locate coats in tiny sizes thats why At Cheeky Chums you can find every type of premature baby coat and hat imaginable to keep tiny babies warm too.see one of the links at the top of the page to view what goodies are stocked.

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