FREE BABY COMPETITION Parents design a logo for tiny babies

Competition time for parents who are creative and love to draw!

we are bringing out a new range of early/tiny premature baby clothes and we need your direct imput. Parents over the age of 18 can enter but it must be your own proven work. This free to enter competiotion willl show off your hidden talents all over the world. Design a logo and you could get your design picked and converted into print on our new garment labels and packaging.

More about this new brand in future blog posts (as its a secret line of trendy clothing for premature babies that we do not already cover) as in past designs stocked at Cheeky Chums parents will find them so,so, amazingly cute.shussssh!  The brand is to be called JOY and will be a range of prem tiny baby wear featuring “todays fashion statement for tiny babies”

send your artwork by JPG or PNG

  •  send a jpg Image and the best one will be picked by our team at Cheeky Chums the premature baby clothes superstore.

click here for an idea of some other logos other companies have brought out to be inspired with and get you started.

Dont forget to give your contact details AND IF YOU ARE THE WINNER  a contract can been sent to you for the design to go to print. email CLOSING DATE 31ST OCTOBER 2011.

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