Freaky hot weather babies too hot dress newborn baby

passing a toy from one hand to another exploring
passing a toy from one hand to another exploring

Freaky hot weather babies too hot how to dress newborn baby

with the freaky weather changing from one day to the next not only in the uk but all over Europe too, how do you dress a newborn baby when its way too hot ?

heres our top 5 tips.

  • in the house just a nappy lie baby on a cool cotton sheet not warm blankets in the pram or moses baskets.
  • in the pram a nappy and vest no socks use a sun shade canopy over the pram¬†and keep it in the shade, the last thing you want to happen is walking about shopping in the hot sun and your baby ends up feeling sick the day after due to¬†too much sun¬† and¬†¬†heat.
  • no thick blankets use cotton sheets to place loosely over a newborn baby.
  • no warm hats use mop hat¬†cotton ¬†bonnet or a boys legionnaire type which covers the sensitive neck area.
  • tempted to put baby in the kids swimming pool, let baby have his or her own use a washing up bowl to help cool them down this will help them loads.even adults love¬† cold shower don’t they and the water cools the skin just make sure it isn’t freezing water for your baby.

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