where to find tiny premature baby clothes easily

When a newborn baby weighs over 8lb newborn or 0-3month clothes fit easily but what about babies born under 6lb weighing 1-2lb ,2-3lb, 3-5lb for instance ? then it becomes much harder especiallly for practical clothes suitable for incubator wear when light weight clothes are needed.

Thats where it gets better for mums hunting and searching to no avail.its all here every item of baby clothes in tiny sizes in plentiful supply. any item of NICU SCBU clothing and also unique hand made premature baby clothes that set your baby apart from all the rest . Its choices galore at the Cheeky Chums superstore dedicated just for premature babies. CLICK ON THE GO SHOPPING BUTTON AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE FOR DELIGHTFUL STYLES IN ATRACTIVE COLOURWAYS.