Where can I find nice premature baby clothes worldwide

When a baby is born premature also known as a preemie often clothes from the hospital are used because there arn’t many nice ones in the tinest sizes elsewhere.Why should you have to make do using clothes reused over and over again by many different babies especially when strict hygiene is of the essence this is your baby your pride and joy even if he or she is tiny.

This is where Cheeky Chums superstore for premature babies come in handy.Due to popular demand of overseas customers we have made shopping for preemie baby clothes even better for you.

 If you need an item quicker than standard Air mail Use AIRSUE I know certain countries may be exempt by using the faster AIRSUE method but we now offer this service at a great price of any items weighing up to 2 kg  only £17.99.

As an alternative If you are just so glad to be able to find something cute and cosy,yet dont mind waiting for your order to arrive,then click the free delivery button for a free standard  delivery by Airmail.Happy to help you no matter where you live.