find me 2-3lb tiny baby clothing please!

find me 2-3lb tiny baby clothing please!

Today we look at the top 5 most asked questions asked and that  sets Cheeky Chums apart from other premature baby shops.

  • What size clothes do you stock in premature baby  sizes ?

0-1/2lb,1/2 -1lb , 1-2lb,1-3lb, 2-3lb, 3-5lb, 5-8lb.sizes under 1pound also available for tiny baby bereavement and come in cm or inches sizes too.

  • Do you have all you need for tiny babies or is it just a few basics you carry?

Cheeky Chums stock all you could ever need to dress a tiny baby in from top to toe and in plentiful supply across all sizes.You name we usually stock it.

  • Why do you stock weird sizes of low birth weight bbay clothes say 1-2lb ?

Babies in the NICU or HDU dont need to wear lots of layers yet premature babies can arrive early weighing 1 pound. The incubator provides warmth and the nursing staff need quick access for babies direct care needs. Dressing a baby in a full set of clothes would make it very hard to apply monitor leads and wires that stretch across baby and then to the monitoring units.The tinest sizes allow for a quick dressing witha simple outfit with multi directional fastenings.Its so much easier for  a popper button to be whisked open to fix a lead back on etc.Giving mum the choice to dress baby herself with an item such as a hat or NICU vest.It lets mum be a mum the best way she can until baby gets stronger and better and ready for wearing more layers.

  • I’ve seen loads of shops stocking a couple of brands boring same prints its hard to tell a baby apart do you have anything different compared to other baby shops?

Yes we have a huge supply of unique items including hand made sets,giving babies the precious individuality they deserve. Even baby hats come in every colour of the rainbow compared to traditional pinks blues and lemons.Every soft fabric and style from Beanies, Tweenies,knotted hats,crochet,knitted by hand, machine knitted,You will also find those hard to locate items in pretty styles such as frilly socks in tiny prem sizes,dummies,frilly knickers, even tights in a vast variety of pastel shades /sizes.

  • Do you post premature baby clothes world wide ?

Yes we have changed the way we post to make sure your item can be international tracked and or signed for.There is nothing worse than ordering something and wondering if it will turn now gives customers added reasurance that a parcel has been sent.However in the cases of tiny baby bereavement clothes we feel  Uk families would be better using this service only, due to the urgent need.

You never know what weight a baby is until birth why not have a nosey now and book mark the page just in case.Click on any lick at the top of this page enjoy browsing and buying! happy to serve or answer telephone queries  pleasant staff await youryour call

from Sheila,Andrea and the rest of the team at Cheeky Chums XX

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