fetal development babies in the womb 20-24 weeks


fetal development babies in the womb 20-24 weeks what is baby doing by sides growing

a look at babies growing in the womb and the awesome development that is taking place in mummy’s growing pregnancy tummy.

pregnancy week 20 baby development whats going on

  • developing baby nerve cells for taste, smell, hearing, seeing, and touch are now developing in specialized areas of the brain. Production slows down as existing nerve cells grow larger and making complex connections.
    ‚ÄĘYour baby may startle in reaction to loud sounds. hearing noises outside of the womb. Familiar voices, music, and sounds that your developing baby becomes accustomed to during her development stages often are calming after birth.The growth of hair on the rest of the baby’s body has started.
    ‚ÄĘThe skin is getting thicker
    ‚ÄĘIf your baby is a girl, her uterus is starting to develop in week 20 of your pregnancy. She has approximately six million eggs in her ovaries. About one million will remain at birth awesome isn’t it.

fetal development whats happening at week 21 babies

  • At 21 weeks pregnant, white blood cells are under production. Leukocytes (or white blood cells) form your baby’s body’s defence system. They help fight infections and diseases. Baby swallows more in week 21 of your pregnancy. After your baby takes in amniotic fluid, his body absorbs the water in the liquid and moves the rest into the large bowel. This is good practice for his digestive system!
  • baby will be waking sleeping and moving more.
  • the developing ¬†baby’s bone marrow has started making blood cells, a job done by the liver and spleen until this point.¬† now your baby will begin to absorb small amounts of sugar from swallowed amniotic fluid.

week 22 of pregnancy whats baby doing inside the womb now

  • The mother’s movements can wake baby up.
  • Taste buds are forming on your baby’s tongue.
  • baby can now hear your conversations more clearly than before!. When you talk, read, or sing,¬†baby can hear you,¬†Studies found that newborns will suck more vigorously when read to from a book they heard frequently in utero.
    Eyelids and eyebrows are fully formed at week 22 of your pregnancy.
  • Fingernails have grown to the end of the fingers

week 23 of pregnancy developing baby is..

  • baby is over 11 inches tall, weighs about a pound.
    The eyebrows are visible.
    The baby can successfully suck a thumb in the womb.
    Bones located in the middle ear harden.

babies at 24 week in the womb

  • The babies¬†lungs are developing branches of the respiratory tree and cells that produce surfactant. This is a substance that helps the air sacs inflate easily and also keeps the small air sacs in our lungs from collapsing. The baby practices breathing by inhaling amniotic fluid into developing lungs. The unborn baby is covered with a fine, downy hair and the skin is protected by a waxy substance. Some of this substance may still be on the child’s skin at birth at which time it will be quickly absorbed.
  • at 24 weeks Baby gains about 3 ounces this week. The weight is in muscle, bone mass and organs. The body begins to fill out with its appearance increasingly becoming more like that of a newborn. Taste buds begin to form. If mom drinks something strange or bitter, baby may be observed showing his or her distaste.
  • Little creases have appeared on the baby’s palms. The muscular coordination of the hands has improved as they sucks their thumb. Over the next week or so, the sweat glands will be forming in the skin. baby is classed as viable from this point of pregnancy although it has been known for babies delivered at 22-23 weeks to have survived too.

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