fetal demise in womb premature baby still birth expected

No one can mentally prepare a mum to be for the loss of a baby inside the womb.(fetal demise)

Baby will still have to be born in the cases of a 20-24 week fetus with a premature birth.Sometimes it happens naturally and other times an induction is necessary.

 Mum can have family support around her when tiny little baby arrives.A distressed midwife told us how difficult it is to pass baby to mum in either a large towel which is way to big for such a tiny infant or a blanket because there isnt anything small enough anywhere to dress baby in.

After sending a lady away years ago because we didnt have anything small enough that was born stillborn weighing 2lb I vowed never again to let this happen again.

 so Something Precious was introduced to a tiny baby bereavement section at Cheeky Chums. (The premature baby clothes superstore).

This week we have now managed to source tiny towel packs too. These are now available to help both bereavement midwives and nursing staff to delivery baby in a more natural way appropriate for the tinest of babies born stillborn.

Midwife gently dries baby off at delivery in one scrumptiously tiny soft towel.A fresh one to pass baby to mum in . Two tiny hats included because you never know baby’s head size and a tiny neat nappy is enclosed too.

It gives mum a chance to wrap baby snuggly until she dresses baby comfortably in a suitable outfit for a final sleep or an outfit of her choice is ordered in the correct size.Outfits available for babies born stillborn start from a size 5 inches with all the accessories to match too.click on the tiny baby bereavement clothing link above to see what gorgeous items are available in the size you may need for baby’s birth.birth packs in white in stock now!

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