Fetal anomaly scan baby with poor prognosis information

Fetal anomaly scan baby with poor prognosis information


fetal anomaly scan baby with poor prognosis then hospital offer terminations. A fetal anomaly scan look at the baby’s development in detail. you may have already had a  earlier at 12 weeks. this fetal anomaly scan looks at body measurements. inner working of the organs, heartbeat, amniotic fluid and so on. its a very detailed scan. the sonographer will be recording these detailed measurements down.

anomalies that show up during a fetal anomaly scan.

sonographer may want to get a consultant to look too. The consultant will be more qualified to notice a problem. usually you can have more invasive tests. or more non invasive scans. what a lot of parents are saying. many hospitals are pushing an abortion when abnormality shows up. You do not have to feel pressurised in these circumstance. Your baby Your choice. that’s just the hospital staffs opinion. Do not take any phone calls, if you get any prompting you to make an urgent decision.

is it the law to have  termination / abortion  if you don’t want one if baby has been diagnosed with a poor outcome prognosis.

In the UK No it is not the law to make you have an abortion or termination. if your pregnancy scan diagonalized a fetal anomaly. time is of the essence as medical staff only have a few weeks to make you decide quickly . Abortion these days is often presented as the ONLY way forward.

Sometimes the way you’re told to abort the pregnancy can make you feel bullied to doing something you would normally never want to consider.

Telling the doctors and medical staff No to a termination

just because a  baby with fetal abnormality may not be able to spend your entire life with you doesn’t mean you can’t spend their entire life with them.

You are the mother of the baby take courage be strong and say no and leave without them giving you any medication to take over the weekend which will abort the baby .This will give you a real sense of freedom like saying no to a cigarette when you have decide to quit smoking.

This will then give you the liberty to say no again to yourself  and anyone else because you have done it once already.

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