feeding apremature baby at home which bottles teats best

feeding a premature baby at home which bottles teats best ?

so you take your premature baby home and after a few weeks decide you want to start using a bottle so which ones are the best seeing you have a premature baby ?

should you use a supermarkets own brand or something else to feed your baby lets see what other mums recommended with their own premature baby..

  • for a few weeks I used cheap supermarket ones then moved onto tommee tippee ones which I’m so glad I did or that would have been a lot of money wasted I couldn’t use the ones I already bought for my twins.
  • I’m using dr browns I like them for my premature baby.
  • I was told tommee tippee are to hard for premature babies and buy pound shop bottles instead my baby hated them we ended up on mamas and a mams dummy  my baby loved it.
  • cheap bottles worked for me then we switched over to mams.
  • I used tescos but after a few weeks the teats went soft  by using the sterilizer.
  • I got bottles from poundland for my premature baby.
  • we came home with asda bottles an hospital teats.
  • it was good I got loads of little bottles to take with me for my premature baby girl even with  milk in from the neonatal unit when she was allowed home.
  • mams bottles worked best for mine.

the thing is every premature baby is different and once they get home they develop a new routine, you can nip out to the shops and try different teats and what works for one mum’s baby may not be preferred by an other baby.

you may find you have to swap milk for a premature baby especially if the health visitor doesn’t feel baby is gaining enough weight. a prescription with higher calories could be needed . you may also find they are little fussy with dummy teats too and only like one type of dummy which a lot of mums go through with their own babies .


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