Eastenders newborn baby death hits home

reborn baby doll featured in photo

Eastenders newborn baby death is to be featured on New Years eve. The sensitive story line has been fully researched to bring to light the tragic loss of a newborn baby.Foundation for the Study of Infant Death to made sure the cast were fully informed to make sure the risk factors , bereavement and the involvement of health professionals and the police involvment.The storyline is extreemly upsetting to families suffering the loss of a baby. 

Cheeky Chums invlovement with premature baby loss and newborn stillborn births.

we appreciate that some website viewers may find talking about this sensitive topic unbearable if it offends please press your back button now. 

Rest assured we treat each family with respect,dignity and sensitivity to their loss at this very spsetting time. believe it or not we have been establsihed as a baby loss support site for over 12 months and parents do use our services a lot

.A miscarriage its not far! its not nice! life has its ups and also its downs be encouraged you can dress baby with dignity and the respect he or she deserves from 5 inches in length we discuss Something Precious for babies passing away at birth.

The loss of a baby no matter how far a long you are is very distressing.As a family you will go through A mixed amount of emotions.Don’t bottle up your feelings, this is a time when a family¬†can grow even closer. offering your partner a shoulder to cry will help both partners become stronger as a couple and help to cope with grief. if you feel like crying do not be embarassed letting out all those built up tears¬† it is better to cry¬†than to hold back and become withdrawn.

If you have to have a funeral…

.One person needs to take care of the funeral but if the parents are not up to it a family member who is strong enough should take over this role.Extended family can include grandparents and best friends of the grieving parents.Parents will be grieving and will feel numb and overwhelmed at the loss of a baby.During the grieving process offer to help an hand with collecting other children from school, doing shopping, running errands answering phone calls.Give plenty of cuddles but be patient if arguments happen, as the stress of it all can be unbearable to parents coping with the loss of an infant in particular.You all may go off your food and not want to drink even.Do try to eat a little throughout the day. Especially if you are diabetic.Rest when you can so you can cope the next day.

  • Somthing Precious¬†offers the best range of final resting sets (baby burial clothes and gowns)¬†in the uk for the smallest of early baby losses.
  • Unique¬†sets include little nappies that fit the smallest of premature babies hard to find at any other specialist store for resting sets.
  • Complete clothing sets
  • You¬†will find our staff are very sensitive when you¬†need to order¬†these clothes and to talk about such¬†delicate news.Help and support is at hand when you feel you need it. order online or offline which ever you feel more comfortable with.


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