Early Pregnancy loss Miscarriage Blame? is it My fault ? 11 Myths

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Early Pregnancy loss Miscarriage Blame? is it My fault ? 11 Myths

this blog post contains sensitive information on  pregnancy loss and miscarriage if it is likely to cause unnecessary upset please press your back button now.

here is some valuable information I want you to consider about miscarriages, it includes 11 myths and rumors you need to listen to and remember.

Before getting yourself in such a state, blaming yourself worrying yourself sick because you must be to blame take note .These are NOT TRUE .

You will hear rumors spread and you will start to feel its true it must be there seems to be no other explanations as to why your baby died due to a miscarriage.

but like I said these myths listed just below are NOT TRUE.

You should know in early pregnancy losses or a miscarriage if this sounds like you just below its not true!


  • Superstitions such as walking  under a ladder causes miscarriages.NOT TRUE
  • Buying a pram, cot , baby clothes too early causes miscarriages or baby loss .NOT TRUE
  • sleeping n your stomach its your fault causing miscarriages NOT TRUE
  • having too many hot baths early in pregnancy causes miscarriage NOT TRUE
  • lifting toddlers or holding someones baby cases a miscarriage NOT TRUE
  • Having sex with your partner t soon in pregnancy uses a pregnancy loss to happen NOT TRUE
  • Telling family you are pregnant too early on can cause a miscarriage Not TRUE
  • Getting pregnant again after a miscarriage can cause another miscarriage Not TRUE
  • Going on a week holiday early in pregnancy miscarriage NOT TRUE
  • my body its my fault I should’ve not got pregnant in the first place because of a medical condition such as polysistic ovary syndrome NOT TRUE

so now we have listed the MYTHS OF MISCARRIAGE take a look at some facts on miscarriages by clicking on any of the links just below

Miscarriages under 12 weeks of pregnancy

miscarriages at 18-20 weeks gestation why they happen.

Ive had an early baby miscarriage early at home what shall i do ?


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