early baby death 2 mums wise words

This week is a look at the sad area of life… Baby bereavement. If this is too painful to read please press your back button now.Cheeky Chums interviewed 2 mums who in the last few months lost a baby before they reached full term.
Mandy gave this advice to parents having to cope with the loss of your own baby.
1.Don’t bottle up your feelings.
2. Talk about your baby at every opportunity instead of keeping it to yourself.
3.Keep as many memories as possible.
4.If you want to cry, cry don’t be embarrased this is your body’s way of coping with grief even scream if you feel like screaming.

laura had this to say
1. Don’t keep your grief and emotions bottled up, cry when you feel like crying,don’t hide away, talk about your baby.
2. A lady said she still hasn’t got through her grief 30 years later and cries every day she wish she had held her baby and feels bad because she didn’t. So if you have the opportunity then spend as much time as possible with your little one.
3. Take lots of photos and keep keepsakes.
4.Talk about baby all the time as you get over the months after baby is passing don’t keep quiet.
5. It helps me by helping other parents faced with this situation, but that is up to the individual.We are rasing money to create memory boxes for mums who’s tiny babies didnt make it. Forever our angels is dedicated to the memory of Mandy’s baby lily who passed away in March 2010.We thank Cheeky Chums for their continued support and donations you are an inspirationonal woman Sheila.
6.Read, write peoms about baby my husband has sent you this one so you can post it on your blog to inspire other parents…
For Your Angel

Although your little one is not here
and your suffer this heartbreak,
time itself does not heal such a heartache,
time only allows for you to learn to cope,
and to try to hold onto a small spark of hope,
that your small one is playing up on their cloud,
looking down and thinking how proud,
to have been in your arms and receive a small kiss
but they know its them you’ll always miss.
In years to come when you think of them
and how they might have been,
your angel will know and will have seen,
how much you love them and miss them,
no matter how long it’s been.
When it’s time for you to meet again
they’ll receive you with a hug and a kiss,
and they will tell you that it was you that they missed,
then you’ll be together forever and never be apart,
and somehow that hole will be filled,
the one in your heart.
By Kevin Lawrie
May your little one rest in peace.
We would love your help to raise funds for forever angels you can help by clicking on this link here
Cheeky chums have a baby bereavement section for tiny babies clothing from 5 inches in length here

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