early baby bereavement questions draws to a close

This week we have been giving valuable information for parents and families in need. looking at the sensitive taboo subject of baby loss. today we close the questions with can you find clothes for an early baby loss?. The answer is yes a specialist site that has all you need to dress baby comfortably in for a final sleep. Babies from 6 inches in length can benefit from being dressed at least once by ,mummy with clothes she has choseen herself.

Baby can be dressed with the dignity and respect they deserve.Not just a blanket way to big or a towel the overwhelms the tiny size baby.these are often provided for by a caring hospital unit. At last somewhere to shop  with sensitive staff to handle with  tenderness , ordering of baby bereavement clothes. Something Precious website has all you need including hard to find accessories such as bereavement nappies,0-2lb baby socks even little cotton baby hats from 12cm and upwards. appropriate contact cards can be left at the descretion of a midwife bereavement team or funeral directors contact us at the top of this page for  a pack of them. the direct link for the Something precious website can be found at this link http://www.baby-burial-gowns.co.uk

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