Is this a dum question on babies? says doubting mum

Are all mums perfect in the care of a newborn baby? does a mum have all the answers NO? you learn as you go on with childrearing some skills are inbuilt and sometimes you think should I being doing this  with my baby or giving my baby that and usually you ask your own mum family or friends first and then the heath visitor.

here are some questions you may hvae thought about and a  look at if you made the right desicion at the time.

    • My baby is 3 week old and crys a lot should I start him on solids? No, too early you can check teat size if the teat is too small baby may get tired out sucking , the milk powder may not suit baby and he could be a hungry baby needing a different formula.
    • My friends think i’m thick toilet training my baby at 8 months old is it to early?  yes at around 18 months old plus a child starts to have the understanding as nappies become dryer.bladder control starts to develop child starts to say a few words indicating toilet needs etc.
    • My 6 month old isn’t crawling yet should I be worried? A baby from 6 months starts to develop more muscle tone and strength,sittin up with aid/cushions,,then sitting up unaided a baby and progressing onto sitting up unaided for longer lengths of time.A baby does not always use crawling as a method of getting around .Some babies use bottom suffling,rolling, or commando crawl from around 9 months onwards.

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