Dugger baby 19 preemie Josie latest News

The Dugger family from America have had a tough time when their 19th baby, Josie Dugger was born Premature. The Preemie baby weighed in at just over a pound in weight.She is now 5lb 14 oz and progressing slowly and steadily as she gains weight.She went home but had to go back as she had problems digesting breast milk. Although she is still in hospital the consultants are still looking for a long term solution.The family have grown even closer as a large family during this stressful time.This baby is an amazing little fighter,proven already has she has been through so much. The Duggers have a regular TV programme aired in the states and also shown in the UK called 19 kids and counting. Their oldest son Joshua had his first baby girl last year.
Keep up the good work baby Josie we wish the family all the very best from Cheeky Chums the premature baby clothes superstore.

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