Dugger baby 19 in NICU born premature

Aww another girl for Michelle Dugger if you watch the family on tv 18 kids and counting. Mrs Michelle Dugger gave birth to another baby girl on Thursday her premature baby girl named Josie brooklyn makes it baby number 19 . Can You imagine a larger family coping with 19 children, well in the tv series 18 kids and counting it will now change over to 19 kids and counting.The Dugger family are well organized children well behaved, caring, loving, structured and not in any debt.The american Dugger family are Christian, educate all their children at home and enjoy music such as playing violins. Their eldest son Joshua has not long since had a new little girl of their own Mackynzie. You can follow their progress on the internet the Dugger family have their own website with lots of photos of their children displayed for all to see. After Preemie Baby Josie Dugger entered the world weighing only 1lb 6 oz will it be the last baby stopping at baby number 19 for the Duggers.micheelle is resting in the hospital and premature baby Josie is being cared for in the NICU a neonatal care units especially for the tinest and sickest infants.Dugger baby number 19 was not due until March 2010 but michelle Dugger was rushed to hospital with gailstone problems and later she went into premature labour result one tiny little 1lb 6 oz baby girl after an emergency c section.This is not the first c section michelle has had will it put even more pressure on her womb now that baby number 19 has arrived we will have to wait and see for more news.
Well Michelle and Jim congratulations and baby number 19 we wish all the family the very best under the distressing circumstances, if she needs tiny preemie baby clothes we have all she needs and very pretty headbands to match dresses at Cheeky Chums premature baby superstore http://cheekychumsonline.co.uk

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