do you send flowers for a stillborn baby thats died

do you send flowers for a stillborn baby that’s died?

being a baby bereavement specialist we get to understand the wants, desires, the hurts and the pain for what a family has had to endure on losing a baby. So questions often asked is do you send flowers for a stillborn baby that sadly died at birth.

when a mum has had a baby that has been born alive she gets loads of flowers doesn’t she. it doesn’t seem fair to send them now that her baby has died does it ? but what you can do is write a lovely poem on the card that comes with the flowers and enclose a tiny teddy bear that mum can keep for baby’s memory box too. making memories is what’s important keeping as much of the nice things close by in such tragic circumstances.

what we have found is that saying “sorry”¬† isn’t always what families want to hear when their baby has died.

using alternative words on the card is a better option. here are some examples

  • saddened to hear the news that your baby has passed away.
  • goodnight little baby sleeptight in heaven above.
  • dancing amongst the stars with the angels see you soon little one.
  • thinking of you all at this sad time God Bless xx

what type of flowers do you send when a family had had a stillborn baby.

red carnations are a symbol of love so you could write on the flower card… sent with all our love xx

daisies are a symbol of innocence

hyacinth are a sign of peace

pansy a symbol of rememberance

white roses a symbol of purity

violets  a symbol of humilty




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