Do premature babies born early survive born at 22 weeks


Do premature babies survive born early at 22 weeks

Babies born at 24 weeks gestation are classed as viable. On rare occasions babies born even earlier have proved the medical staff wrong and have survived. Depending on the hospital and their policies determines if the staff think its in the best interest of the child to put it through such drastic actions just to keep it alive. Even one of my family members had to pester the doctors so much to try to save a premature baby born under 24 weeks. You have to think of the size and weight of the baby imagine having tiny drips and lines that baby would need to be threaded to a vein. how small are they to even fit in such a tender body under 1lb in weight.As technology improves we hope so do the chances of saving babies born under 23 weeks gestation. on a positive note twin babies born at 22 weeks 3 days did survive watch their amazing video just below.

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