Ditching the sweet tooth before it starts in babies


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Ditching the sweet tooth before it starts in babies

working with children for over 25 years there is nothing worse than early tooth decay in young children so today we give you our top 5 tips how you can give your baby a healthier start and ditching the sugar before tooth decay can set in .

  • do not put baby juice in a baby bottle if you are weaning baby on to fruit juice use a cup at around 6 months plus. if you use a bottle you will find your baby will be dependant on the bottle and will have a hard time stopping using it as he or she gets older as a toddler. use a baby cup with no added sugar juices.
  • giving yogurts to babies hunt the aisles and find the ones with less sugar in, although its hard having scoured the different brands we found the average yogurt contains at least 18% sugar. Onken as less at 12%.
  • use a baby toothbrush even before teeth come in to develop good habits.
  • always get the sugar free medicines certain medicines can stain teeth as babies and can leave a permanent stain on them.
  • don’t do the old wives tale of sticking a dummy in jam to keep baby quiet.


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