Discussing a twin pregnancy know how! premature twin babies

adtwinsDiscussing a twin pregnancy know how! twin babies

when a mum finds out she is expecting a baby she is overjoyed. Finding out she is expecting twins can have one or 2 results help I’m expecting twins or yippee twin babies.

The thing is there are lots to discuss when you are expecting baby twins. One make sure you have good antenatal care throughout your pregnancy.

Two twin babies you can find double the workload, double the cost, double the trouble when it comes to the terrible two stage.Then again you can cut then cost if you are working on a budget by shopping around, asking family members to buy bargains and essentials you will need lots of such as nappies, wipes, etc.Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount every where you shop what can they say no even on a market stall i ask for a discount when buying 2 you will be surprised how much money you can save.

Bottle or breast  breast feeding can be done even with twin babies there are some lovely specialist breastfeeding cushions on the market to make feeding your twin babies much more comfortable.

Clothing for twins what will they wear ? will you give them individuality by wearing different outfits or would you want them wearing identical clothes. the choice is yours but remember to tell the family or it could cause inlaw rows.

A twin pregnancy can run smoothly all the way through but occasionally problems can arise . Here are a couple to give you an insight just in case.

Breach one twin can come normally the other can be breach it’s where the baby lies upside down in the womb. The consultant will go through any worrying questions you may have in case a c section is required later on.

Twin to twin transfusion-TTTS is a disease of identical twin fetuses caused by abnormal connecting blood vessels in the twins’ placenta, resulting in an imbalanced flow of blood from one twin to another.Sometimes an operation is needed quickly to help the twins.

Some baby twins may be born premature and of a low birth weight and require time to grow and mature. A special hospital ward, the neonatal intensive care unit or special care baby unit known as scbu is where your babies will be looked after prior to coming home.

questions on premature baby twins

dear Cheeky Chums will both my twin babies be born of the same weight?

No every baby is different at delivery, when twin babies shares the same sac in the womb one may be very smaller too.

If my twin premature babies are in the Nicu can i take them home together ?

not always depending on the level of care they get depends when a baby is discharged. one baby could go home earlier than the other because its ready for the big wide world. letting it stay longer just so you can take the babies home together would tie up a cot for another baby in need.It allows the Nicu staff to free up a cot space for another prem baby to use

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