Did Princess kate need a Hospital stay with her pregnancy

Did Princess kate need a Hospital stay with her pregnancy?

Not long ago a relative who was heavily pregnant couldn’t keep anything down either food or drink.she ended up on a drip and it was so severe she ended up having 24 different lines inserted in to keep her alive.

in normal a pregnancy with morning sickness you have some sickness feeling,or being sick episodes but as in Princess Kate’s pregnancy her morning sickness was so severe she ended up in hospital.It wasn’t just for a check up because she is royalty but to have drips inserted to replace vital nutrients her body lost due to not keeping anything to eat or drink down.Even sips of drink would have caused her to vomit.Now that she is home and resting she may have more episodes of hospital stays if it happens again.Its are condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarum – Severe Morning Sickness you can read all about this condition here

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