Devasting Baby loss How do i cope seeing my pregnant friend?

Devasting Baby loss How do i cope seeing my pregnant friend?

I’m due to go and visit my pregnant friend for a baby shower how do I cope seeing her after my baby loss 13 weeks ago ?

here are some truths other mums have found when they too have lost a baby. You have to weigh up for your self how you handle it but when you have seen their comments you may feel much happier knowing you are not alone. facing a pregnant mum or newborn baby after the baby loss you have experienced yourself will be hard the first time and although it will always hurt you become stronger each and every day after.

  • I avoided¬†seeing a pregnant woman and looked the other way.
  • I cant face talking to my pregnant friend after I lost my baby.
  • I couldn’t go to a baby shower but I did send a card and a little note at the bottom saying I hope you understand after I lost my own baby.
  • its comforting to know you are not alone I avoided eye contact.
  • its fear that stops you in your tracks the pain will always be there but you get strength to face it head on.
  • its babies round you that can cause triggers and start you crying, but a tissue and being brave will get you through it.
  • you jump in at the deep end and face it head one even thought its a painful experience meeting a pregnant mum to be face to face, but you can heave a sigh of relief when you get home.
  • there’s no getting away from seeing mums with babies and pregnant¬†women you just cross over¬†or look the other way

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