devastated why did my baby die at 20 weeks miscarriage

devastated why did my baby die at 20 weeks.

we have put together a few pages on why babies die in pregnancy due to miscarriage stillbirth or fetal demise see below some of the causes…. in pregnancy a baby can die for numerous reasons depending on the stage of pregnancy for instance miscarriage in the first trimester is normally due to the embro developing. after that there are other factors that can cause your baby to die early on …

late miscarriages at 18-20 weeks gestation why they happen.

· Cervical incompetency or very early premature labour

The cervix begins to dilate before the pregnancy has reached full term. Cervical incompetence may cause miscarriage or preterm birth during the second and third trimesters. Cervical incompetence accounts for about 15 to 20 percent of all pregnancy losses during the second trimester.

Infections cause miscarriages
Some viral and bacterial infections increase the risk of pregnancy loss.research found in some instances bacterial vaginosis infection occured in pregnancy to first and second trimester miscarriages.S.T.D chlamydia might increase miscarriages.Listeria and Salmonella infections by food related infections can cause miscarriages.

baby stillbirth causes what happens with a baby still birth

5 causes of stillbirth in babies
1.prolapsed umbilical cord blood supply was compromised.
2.Cord wrapped a few times round babies neck.
3.Birth defects or abnormalities.
4.placenta abruption, where the placenta separates from the womb before delivery of baby.

How many weeks can a stillbirth happen from?

less than 20 weeks into a pregnancy the pregnancy loss is classed as a miscarriage.

20 weeks right through to 41+ weeks a stillbirth can happen to baby.

Baby died in the womb at 34 weeks will I have to give birth to my baby as a still birth?

Yes baby is known to be a stillbirth so far along in the pregnancy. You can give birth naturally or by C section but it is far more safer naturally so you can spend every moment with your baby.

why did my baby die in a stillbirth?

a lot of the time you do no not always know why baby died.sometimes the midwifes look at the cord and placenta or you can have an autopsy but its not always clear how your baby will have died in a stillbirth. the important factor to remember if your baby died is its not your fault.

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