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This weeks bog posts topic discusses Pregnancy.
Here is a look at 5 questions that may seem dumb in asking but can have a worrying effect for a first time mum to be.
1.Pregnant with twins is there one or 2 umbilical cords.
Answer; 2 cords but depending if the twins are identical there may be one pacenta. or two placentas for none identical twins.
2.Do I really need to see the doctor, have scans and a midwife i’m scared this is my first pregnancy.
Answer; yes once a test has confirmed you are pregnant you need to book in with your doctor, you may have underlying health problems during pregnancy and a midwife checks these on a regular basis. Regular scans etc means the babys growth can be recorded to make sure everything with your pregnancy,and if everything is going well or if you could be carrying twins etc.Your midwife will also discuss things such as if a home birth can be concidered. What pain relief you require at the birth? who do you want to be present at the birth ? and so on.
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3.My mum wants a grandchild she said eating carrots every day increase my chances of getting pregnant is this true?.
Answer : Eating a healthy diet prior to pregnacy increases the chances of getting pregnant and regular excersise.Carrots alone as a food source have not been used to increase the chances of pregnancy.

4.Im Pregnant we do not know the sex of our baby where can I get baby name ideas from
Answer:The usual Girl and Boy Baby Name sections have been featured together with unusual, cool, celebrity can be found here
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5.How long does a pregnancy last ?
Answer: 40 weeks gestation. carrying multiple pregnancies such as twins or triplets can end a little earlier.Any baby born before 37 weeks is classed as a premature birth.
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