Dead Babies Short Cremation service 5 ideas what to do after

Dead Babies Short Cremation service what to do after do you go home ?

when a baby has sadly passed away if you are not religious you do not need a church service with all the trimmings its up to you how you spend the time after the service. here areĀ 5 ideas what you can do after the initial cremation service that is specifically for babies who have died early.

  • let some doves up in the air after the brief service at the crematorium. some companies specialize in this service and give you a poem to say at the place to let the doves in the air ,you open the basket to let the doves in the air and watch them as they fly up way in the sky,Ā the doves then fly back home to the owner a lovely gesture .
  • go back to the house for a teddy bears picnic or a tea party to remember baby’s short life.
  • local pub for drinks and a cake in loving memory to raise a toast to the celebration of baby’s brief life.
  • meal arranged by caters and a family sit down with over head projector of baby photos. you could rent a local community centre.
  • weather permitting family bbq in back garden with closest family members prepare a garden of remembrance scattering seeds taking itĀ in turns then when baby’s casket with ashes comes back it can be buried in the centreĀ of the little plot very close to home.

have you filled in a form to have your baby cremated if not click here for the publication you need for uk citizens.

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