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Well your wife is due to give birth have just booked 2 weeks off work and nothing happens what a waste of time off work. Its when She comes home from hospital that you will be most needed.
What prepartion can you do to give her as much support as possible and where she thinks that you are the best dad in the world.
Dads sometimes feel left out wheh the new baby arrives,as mum gets all the fuss, baby gets lots of oohs and awws and dad stands back watching it from a short distance. You may get a pat on the back but its when you are all home that you can really shine forth as a dad.
here are our top 5 tips to make your role as a new daddy be one that makes you feel really satisfied, happy,pleased and thrilled to pieces when you get a warm kiss of thanks on the cheek from your loving wife.It says it all she really appreciates everything that you do.
1. When baby has been born and you have just come home from the hospital get some rest.
2.Next Be prepared so you dont have to keep nipping out when she gets home. make sure the housework has been done so that she can concentrate on getting back on here feet and not having do do big jobs until after a few weeks.
3.Do a big shop get every thing in that you think you need in shopping and the essentials. If its your wife that does the shopping ask her mum if you are unsure what essentials to buy such as milk bread butter etc. your mother in law will be really pleased that you are thinking outside the box and asking her for advice too.Your wife will be really surprised and grateful that you went out of your way to do this too.
4.Ask your wife at the next hospital visit about her plans for visitors when she gets home. She will be tired on her first day back,so the first day would be better for immediate family such as grandparents the next day be left alone just the 2 of you togther and then let other visitors come the day aftert that.
Remember if you start to say “no visitors” it could put up a barrier between you and your wife and thats the last thing you need so ask her first.
5.Dont expect too much from her for the first few weeks, get involved with baby as much as possible dont’ be scared of changing, holding, bathing baby in the first instance, you need to bond with baby too and you will love it. You can be a good dad and every one will know it.
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