Creating a baby loss memorial garden on a budget for babies


Creating a baby loss memorial garden on a budget where do you start ?

today we are going to look at creating a beautiful memorial garden at home for a baby that has sadly passed away. Some cemeteries can be fussy what you add to a grave plot and the last thing you need is to create a lovely garden area to visit your baby’s graveside only to find it has been removed and binned by the ground keepers.

Buying a grave plot is expensive so if you are working on a budget at home it is ideal as a garden of remembrance right on your doorstep.

here are some ideas to create this wonderful plot.

  • planting a miniature tree or bush in the back garden, its more private and wont take over the full garden with the root system.
  • add a little fence around the garden.
  • adding some stones.
  • putting in butterfly ornaments can symbolise life and freedom of your little one.
  • add some solar powered lights.


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