Children in need UK 2019

Are children in need in the uk in 2019 ?

children in need no more childbirth

Are children in need more now than 10 years ago ? in short Are conditions going back to the Victorian times. Where families struggled to feed hungry little ones ? Next are todays kids being penalised for being born into a poor household?

Baby and child the greatest needs.

babies and children have the greatest need

lets look at this topic in more detail. First of all lets look at Baby banks. There are over 100 in the uk alone. As a result of having virtually no money. Therefore families struggling are being forced to use baby banks. It’s Shocking news to hear some parents water down milk formula to make it last longer.

feeding hungry children in the UK. In brief in 2017 1 in 3 teachers said kids in class were hungry with teachers often bringing in food to feed them.

A charity in wales feeding children told ITV news that children often come for food with no shoes on. In wales the poverty is really bad. 1 in 3 children are living in poverty.

Over In Hamilton children in desperate need wont go hungry this summer . To summarise Summer lunch clubs are set to open. Futhermore its for those children on free school meals that will benefit.

with The role out of universal credit soon throughout the UK more and more families are struggling. if a nurse is working and on universal credit and finding it difficult how much more will the poor children suffer. Kellogg’s did a survey and found

  • 82 percent said a child was unable to concentrate
  • 50 percent claimed they were disruptive
  • 34 percent said hunger caused a child to cry in distress.

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Children not allowed to play

children in need not allowed to play

In march 2019 A London developer has segregated play areas for richer and poorer residents. Likewise the Original plans had a gate. For example the plans got scrapped. For instance and hedges now block these areas off. Meaning poor children cannot play in the richer play areas.

Therefore Children are blocked from playing with their richer friends. By the way It feels like 1939 when Jews were put into ghettos. such as Tall walls were built so they could not mix with the rest of society . We all know what happened later . As a result of dictatorship these people were herded together from all over Europe. were mostly Gassed in concentration death camps . As a rule classed as low life citizens.

Teaching children in the dark

Featured in todays news a school in Yorkshire struggling for money is forced to turn the lights off. Once a week they turn the lights off and teach children in the darkness. Imagine that happening in winter time. Afterwards they hope to balance the books out.

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