Cheeky Chums becomes more Eco friendly


we would like to inform you of important site updates for all customer past and present and potential.

  • All the staff at Cheeky Chums are concerned the way our planet and climate is changing.

  • For Cheeky Chums own brand products ” Something precious” “Snuggies”,Nanny Nicu are made from materials sourced from the UK and manufactured in the Uk, made in accordance with Uk safety standards and all ethical practises.

  • We print most of the time using economy ink so you may recieve paper work with your order which reflects this.

  • Recycled packaging is used when possible,  We Re-use raw materials including all bubble wrap,paper,boxes, Conserve energy use low energy light bulbs,and dispose of waste safely.

  • From Novemeber 2008 we will be promoting more fair trade products.Promoting more organic baby products by ourselves and by other companies in the uk.

  • We will be offering fresh ideas to keep our planet from being destroyed and welcome customer feedback to help us change our business for the better of our climate.

  • We will be also focusing on making our website more user friendly.If you have any problems ordering let us know we are more than happy to assist you with ordering.

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