can’t wait to take 8 month baby to a bonfire night party


can’t wait to take 8 month baby to a bonfire night party 5th November.

Bonfire night tomorrow and by tradition your parents may have taken you to a bonfire night party as a child. So you think it will be great to take along a 8 month old baby to your neighbours huge bonfire party.

Is it a good idea? will your baby enjoy it just as much as you lets have a look at some points ….

Loud bangs ,children cheering, Parents nattering with perhaps alcohol included. where will you park the pram somewhere warm near the fire ? smoke wafting towards your baby’s face . teens running off with bangers ?

You have a laugh with the adults your baby has missed his or her bedtime but will it matter for one night a year.

You wrap baby up warm but becomes too hot so other adults pass a restless baby around, coo and try to keep baby entertained, baby cries and doesn’t like strangers at this age .Your partner was supposed to be watching the baby so you can have a drink or 2 but now they have decided to have just one more ,then another then another then you cant seem to enjoy yourself any more as voices start to get raised having arguments and then the kids get silly with the fireworks is it all worth it end the end ? you decide.

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