can my premature baby 5 months go to the beach ?

any advice cheeky chums ? can my premature baby now age 5 months go to the beach ?

yes here are our top 7 tips to bear in  mind if you are going to a beach on a sunny day with a young premature baby or babies under 12 months old. With the freaky weather we have been having this last few years a cold rainy summer in the uk may shock us all especially if we have a heat wave like the last few weeks.

  • take a mixture of clothes in babies bag you may feel oh its not that hot today so putting baby in a fur coat and blankets galore. but heat isn’t good for babies at all. add some cotton rompers suits spare in babies bag in stead a warm thick clothes. sleeveless vests too.
  • don’t forget the sun hat to shield the suns rays of baby’s head.
  • always take a bottle of high factor sun cream with you.
  • take bottle cooled boiled water in case the heat gets unbearable for baby. instead of packing the baby food formula grab a few bottles baby milk ready made for convenience of unexpected long days out.
  • use a pram or car seat sun canopy or a sheet even.
  • do not use loads of blankets on a premature baby even at 5 months old if you are hot and bothered they will be too use a couple cotton sheets in stead of a thick baby blanket or two.
  • put baby under a tree or in a shaded area. out of direct sunlight and make sure you take baby indoors during the outset hours of the day just after lunch time up to 3pm.


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