buying dolls clothes for a premature baby

Do you need ever so tiny baby clothes so much so that you are thinking of buying dolls clothes just to get the right fit?

Would you? Should you? Could you?

Knowing these FACTS BELOW.

Whether it‚Äôs for your own child or a relative’s, finding the sizes small enough is always a problem for babies born of low birth weight or premature babies. Premature baby‚Äôs skin is so sensitive, can sometimes be of a transparent skin texture /colour and highly sensitive to skin care products.

More so dolls clothes. Babies so small need comfortable clothes, the fabrics used for dolls vary and can be hard worn next to baby’s skin. The stitching is of a sub standard. Plus threads loose which can be a potential hazard for baby. In cases where blood supply can be cut off around a tiny finger and lost.

Popper Closing fasteners, not safety checked, plus rough seams and velcro fastening stips .In most cases dolls clothes could go up in a puff of smoke because they are not subject to the same safety standards as premature baby clothes.

Garments are not labeled with the correct garment labels as set out by the British Safety Standards. If you choose to shop or not at Cheeky Chums,the premature baby clothes sold are premature baby clothes, they are not dolls clothes which premature babies can wear. Occasionally selling premature clothes for reborn dolls so they can look like a real baby but not the other way round.

Most sellers selling dolls clothes don’t care who thier tiny customers are so long as a sale is made. A good guide is to look at the range they have, and see if they cater for dolls or babies as a whole.

If you need something so small and Cheeky Chums do not have it in stock it contact them and they will recommend a company that does. Cheeky Chums will never recommend a dolls clothes shop.EXCEPT only in the extreem case of the baby burial outfits being currently out of stock.

Cheeky Chums own brand of premature baby clothes comply with the British Safety Standards guidelines,for Quality,Quality control,Individual safety inspections,and correct label garments applied.

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