what can i buy my premature grandaughter in an incubator ?

When a baby is born premaure and the newborn clothes are overpowering in size from mums hospital bag what could you buy as a grandparent to meet your baby grandaughter’s  clothing needs. In an incubator the baby has warmth and fully dressing is not always needed, until baby is in the special care baby unit instead of the NICU or HDU .So what clothes do you need to buy if any ? well there is a superstore thas has all you need in premature baby sizes as well as appropriate incubator clothes for babies not yet ready for wearing layers. A vest which opens out flat is easy especially if the incubator has portholes for dressing and care needs. then there is a cotton or knitted baby hat with boottees and mittens. incubator dresses, wraps and baby grows which open out and that don’t have to be put on over the head. you want to choose something that is incubator safe no fussy frilly dresses, they can wait until baby goes home for showing her off to family and friends,A nicu dummy is popular in plentiful suppy at Cheeky Chums and also smaller blankets and bibs for first feeds trials so dont ‘ delay shop away and buy all you need online today.click on the go shopping button at the top of the page to visit the website now!