Breastfeeding premature babies and twins


breastfeeding premature babies and twins infants

if you have premature twin babies or just one premature baby then if you planned on breastfeeding them as newborns then it is possible even if they are looked after in the Nicu.

breast milk for premature babies in the NICU units

Breast milk to premature babies is like liquid gold so its important to get rest eat healthy and drink plenty to encourage your milk supply to come in. speak to the neonatal nurse and she will tell all you need to know about using a breast pump until the babies are ready to take milk.Some very early babies may need tiny amounts due to their immature organs. As the very early premature babies get bigger and until they start to use their sucking reflex the nurse may use a feeding tube until then.

Watch this good video clip on breastfeeding premature babies.


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