brain dead babies euthanize euthanasia is it ok shall i let them kill my baby son

brain dead babies euthanize euthanasia is it ok shall I let them kill my baby son

we have a dilemma Something Precious can you help ?

our baby son was born premature and due to a lack of oxygen at birth they say he is brain damaged and want to let him go . I think its killing him I want to fight but can I against the hospital ?

dear parent you are not the first person that has gone public and requested advice on this matter of euthanasia in babies. just because you baby may have brain damage doesn’t mean they are going to die there and then . if they are on a ventilator they can be weaned of sedation.many drugs are used to keep baby still and to stop them from moving. look out for your baby being put on this lethal cocktail drugs and the wrong end of life care pathway drugs are ….Midazolsm/ Halperidol / morphine .but as a parent you can stand up for your baby’s right to live. after researching end of life care in the uk there are 2 pathways one which kills the other doesn’t. you need to make sure as a last resort your baby goes on a patient led care pathway not the Liverpool care pathway.

fighting for baby to live with some brain damage

how to fight against hospital advice of letting baby go (or killing them with euthanasia drugs) its important to get baby on the minimum of drugs once weaned off you will start to see baby move more. the longer the baby has been doped up on drugs the worse chance of survival. a feeding tube may be inserted if baby doesn’t have any gagging reflux or is able to swallow yet. baby can go home with the minimum of care and later on you can apply for hyperbaric oxygen therapy that repairs some of the brain damage to give your baby a better chance for the future. in the uk there is charity that helps with this for children.

have a family member with you when you have a meeting with the consultant in charge of your baby. be strong and write it down your wishes the night before you see them get a copy of the medical records at your earliest convenience. a group on facebook are dedicated in helping babies in hospitals struggling. They help with solicitors getting second opinions and treatments throughout Europe for babies coming across the same red tape issues in hospitals.

its what happens when a ventilator is removed that gives you a chance to see how much brain damage your baby has.brain dead and vegetative state are two different things entirely.

if a baby is brain dead the body wont continue to function as brain signals’ wont tell the body what to vegetative state baby will breathe after a ventilator is removed. and will have some body functions even if its just moving arms legs looking at you etc.




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