bespoke for gorgeous yet tiny premature babies

Todays blog will help focus on how Cheeky Chums end of year will look for Mums to be giving birth to premature babies.
As soon as one product for premature babies is established Cheeky Chums are onto the next.
In 2008 After the extensive research and product launch was put into place for neonatal baby clothes (Nanny Nicu).
The bespoke aspect sort of faded into the background as a major feature for mums wanting custom ordering.

Many new lines have since been introduced.
In 2010 Cheeky Chums increased the choices in brands and styles in the trendiest premature babies lines. sizes were also added in cm choosing clothing by this way as well as the popular weight sizes, mainly 3-5lb and 5-8lb.
Next came the options to choose custom colours and a particular length in cm/inches.
So what next for the coming months?
Cheeky Chums have taken the level of bespoke premature baby clothes, Nicu Baby clothes, SCBU baby clothes and baby bereavement up another level which means” advance decisions or changes made specifically to your hand made baby clothes order – an item changed altered and made for a particular baby of your family, fitting your individual requirements just for your order “1/06/10 © of Cheeky Chums Premature Baby Clothes superstore…
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