Am I a Bad first time mum to my newborn baby don’t know the answers?

Am I a Bad first time mum to my newborn baby!

Every first time parent has to start somewhere when it coms to caring for a newborn baby with no experience what so ever.

Being  a Full time mum doesn’t always come easily to every woman or young teen mum. lets take a look at some popular questions that get mums in a tizz.

Q 1 My baby is a week old should it sleep all throught the night or does it still need feeds in the night as well it keeps crying walking me up.

A1 No a newborn baby sleeps on and off during the day and night time because it is so tiny it needs regular feeds to fill a tiny tummy, feeding from 2-3 or every 4 hours.Some breast fed babies are on demand feeding which means baby lets mum know when its hungry.Premature babies need small amounts regularily as baby may not be able maintain the blood sugar levels.  A baby can only let you know it needs something when its crying for instance feed me , Change me, Cuddle me, I’m tired.

Q 2.  My 3 hour old baby’s cord has blood around the stump  should I be worried ?

No, you need to keep baby clean and dry with the cord clamp still on. It will drop off after a few days and dry up.Even the hair has blood on it and will wash off When baby has his first bath.

Q 3.My mum says im not allowed to take my newborn baby out to the shops for at least a week is this true ?

A.3. Basically your health comes first  its you that has just given birth and you will still bleed as your womb gets back to normal. For a mum who is prone to hemoraging after birth or after a C Section it has been known to be rushed back in due to excessive bleeding (doing to much). Listen to your body and take things slowly.Baby can go out providing it is suitably dressed for the weather.NOTE babies can over heat and it is very dangerous so do not be tempted to over dress baby just so you can go out.

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